The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one. As you begin to grow in your life and business, reaching new levels of achievement and learning from new and more experienced people you will naturally seek out new ways to grow. 

You’ll also start to notice the limitations others have set for themselves and realise that though you once had these limitations, you saw a way past them. 

From the other side, you’ll want to help others to grow, yet they may not be as receptive as you might have been. 

We see this when we implement new habits. 

Think of those friends you used to go out drinking with in your uni years who are still catching up and talking about the same things. At some point or another, you may have decided to stop going out to drink and save your money instead. Rather than nurse a hangover every Sunday, you choose to wake up early and use that time to prepare for the week ahead or start the side hustle that has now become your living. 

Maybe you’ve moved towards healthier eating while those around you continue to eat in the same way. 

It doesn’t mean you don’t like or even love these friends and family members, but your priorities have changed, your values have shifted and where once it was simple to make plans and spend time while you behaved exactly as they did, now it’s a battle just to decide where to have dinner, what to talk about and how to behave.  

If you’re like me, your passion to help others and improve yourself will light a fire in you that when pushed or threatened may cause you to become angry, to fight, argue and push back. 

It has been a deeper focus of mine in recent months to turn this flame to action in my own life but sit back when it comes to others. 

Shakespeare wrote it best in Hamlet’s Polonius’ Speech: 


“Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice.”


The reality is those who want your help are already watching you and if not already following your example, will eventually reach out and ask for your help. 

The others will continue on as they always have and that is ok too. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt as we’ve grown Liberate from a freelance job to a 6-figure agency is that my journey is exactly that; mine. Not everyone wants what we want and that is just fine.

Listen to the critics knowing their judgement says more about them than about you.  

Stay in your lane and keep going. You’ve got this.