Those of you who have been reading for a while will have noticed that I missed last week’s Liberate Daily posts. 

Something I have learned in this business is not to make excuses, instead to debrief if something worked, if it didn’t and move on with a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Here is what that process looked like for me last week. 

My objective was to write a Liberate Daily Post every morning at 6am before crewing at an online live event. The plan was to also write a chapter of my book each morning. 

Was this achievable? Probably. 

Did I achieve it? No. 

Now at this stage it’s natural to beat yourself up about the failure of implementing a good intention, but the Afterburner Debrief process teaches us to own the outcome without emotion and move on. 

So here is how that played out. 

Did I achieve the objective? No 

Why not? 

I prioritised sleep and supporting to the highest level on an event that by nature requires a lot of focus and energy. 

What could I have done differently?

  1. Woke up earlier
  2. Managed my own energy more effectively
  3. Set boundaries around the times I would make myself available to the event so that there was space for what was required for our own community

No blame. The ownership is all mine (note I didn’t write that too much was asked of me, the team needs too much etc)

This process can be run on anything and is highly valuable to move meetings along, avoiding stories, excuses and blame. 

Here’s another example. 

I am in the process of writing an ebook. A monster ebook to show you how to take your business online. My objective was to write it in a week. While running a business, crewing an event and fielding a million other things. 

So, let’s debrief openly. 

Objective: To write, design and deliver an ebook and a fully automated ebook funnel in a week. 

Was this achieved? No. 

Why not? 

  1. I underestimated the time commitment
  2. I underestimated the level of quality I wanted to achieve
  3. I overestimated the time I would have available to work on this
  4. I didn’t account for imposter syndrome, self-sabotage and other fun emotions
  5. I didn’t account for other commitments that might pop up 

What can I do to be more successful moving forward: 

  1. Calendar block ebook writing time
  2. Remove the restrictive deadline, being ok with it being done when it’s done
  3. Allow myself the space to think clearly about everything I’m putting into it so I can provide the most valuable ebook I am capable of

A high note to end on?

Crewing Kerwin Rae’s Nail It and Scale It event was beyond valuable and everything I learned will have its place in the ebook.

And there you have it.

Full transparency, quick responses and a plan to improve the process. 

Will you start implementing the debrief process in your business? Tell us about it.