In the pursuit of freedom and building a life we love, it can be easy to get caught up in an ‘all or nothing’ approach to work. If we don’t smash all of the goals we set for the day, even if we managed 90%, it is easy to berate ourselves for a wasted day. 

There may be days where you have tackled and completed the most urgent of your tasks by 10am and others where you may achieve nothing with 12 hours spent at the keyboard. 

What do you do when you find your deep focus time has bought you extra hours? Do you add more and more things to that list? Why is it not enough to have completed what you set out to do? 

This hustle-driven pursuit of more is at the heart of so many issues we are facing, not only as business owners, but as human beings caught in a storm of pandemic, politics and pop-culture.

How much of what you are doing each day is truly necessary for you to be doing right now. 

Where does your immediacy come from? 

How much would your work benefit from a deeper focus instead? 

People who multitask all the time can’t filter out irrelevancy. They can’t manage a working memory . They’re chronically distracted.”-Clifford Nass

Are you making space in your day for reflection? For creativity? Are you delegating those tasks that are best done by someone else (yes, even you solopreneur)?

This is my challenge and from now on you’ll be seeing a daily post like this to encourage me to take time to sit down and focus on one task, share a little of what I’m going through as a coach and business owner and with hope, hear your stories. 

We’re all facing new challenges, more disconnection and loneliness than ever. Let’s take this daily opportunity to ask ourselves the big questions, dig a little deeper and yes, even give ourselves permission to rest. 

Haylee x