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About Liberate

Hi there,
I’m Haylee Vazquez, Managing Director & Business Solutions Architect at Liberate Business Solutions. I’m also host of the Business Automation Support Community. I have helped entrepreneurs all over the world grow and automate their businesses.

It is our mission to help you scale and grow your coaching and consulting buisness by teaching you how to:

Streamline your business processes so you can focus on the most profitable tasks that ONLY YOU can do

Attract your ideal clients with bespoke marketing campaigns, graphic design and custom copy that speaks directly to your ideal client – all created in one place

Increase the number of times your clients buy so you can reach those lofty revenue goals


The stress of having to figure out all on your own how to get your marketing strategy off the ground

Having to invest thousands in yet another agency who just doesn’t get it

Engaging multiple companies to manage your strategy, copy and design – then automate it

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